Services provided:

  • Management of energy and industrial facilities designing
  • Designing overhead lines and underground cables lines up to 400 kV;
  • Designing substations and switchyards up to 400 kV;
  • Designing 10/0,4 kV modular and pole transformer substations and distribution points;
  • Designing 10/0,4 kV electrical grid;
  • Designing connecting the electric equipment of new users to electric network;
  • Designing electric inlets;
  • Designing renewable energy sources;
  • Designing internal electricity installation of residential, industrial, administrative and other buildings;
  • Designing earthing and lightning safety;
  • Designing street lighting networks;
  • Designing electronic communications (telecommunications)
  • Designing process management and automation
  • Designing protective and fire alarm systems (observing view, entrance control, perimeter security);
  • Designing technological part of thermal energy facilities (3D)
  • Engineering and designing of pipelines;
  • Designing industrial chimney flues
  • Designing atmospheric tanks and pressure vessels
  • Making local and objective estimates of electrotechnical part;
  • Supervision of construction projects (maintenance of the project by author);
  • Consulting on various questions concerning designing.

Technical drawings