Electrotechnical Solutions

EnePRO has accumulated a long-term experience in electrical engineering field while performing construction, repair and modernization, diagnostics, installation and maintenance works:

  • Substations, switchyards and lines: design of electrical substations, switchyards and lines up to 400 kV, ordering and installation of primary equipment, installation, adjustment and commissioning of communications, relay protection and control as well as process control and automation;
  • Transformers: supply of different power transformers and autotransformers up to 400 kV and their spare parts such as branch switches, actuators, etc.;
  • Generators: spare parts replacement of turbo-generators up to 800 MW and hydro-generators up to 200 MW;
  • Motors: Electric motors up to 8 MW to 10 kV voltages, DC electric motors up to 1 MW.