EnePRO to build a 110 kV cable line in Estonia

In mid-April Estonian Transmision System Operator Elering has entrusted EnePRO electrical engineering specialists with the new 110 kV cable line construction works carried out in Tallinn. The new cable line that has a conductor cross-section of 1600 mm2 and is 6,35 km long, will replace the old 110 kV overhead line.

After building the new cable line, the old overhead line will be dismantled, thus freeing up large tracts of land in an urban area, while avoiding the distortion of the landscape and ensuring much higher reliability of a power supply.

The builiding of Elering cable line is the first EnePRO project of this scale and complexity abroad. In 2014 and 2015 the company has implemented a similar project in Lithuania – the building of 110 kV transmission line Klaipėda - Marios 3 building.