New Name in Energy Contracting – EnePRO

On 1st January 2016, two energy service companies controlled by Lietuvos Energija group – Elektros Tinklo Paslaugos (ETP) and Kauno Energetikos Remontas (KER) – were merged into one. By merging the competence and experience of these two enterprises, a strong energy service and contracting company was created, which will ensure energy equipment construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance services – Energetikos Paslaugų ir Rangos Organizacija (acronym – EnePRO).


The analysis of enterprises merger options has shown that the synergy of the two alike and complementary companies will provide more opportunities to develop complex, expedient solutions and to expand the service portfolio. This step will increase the company's competitiveness in the energy service market, will reduce operating costs, and will contribute to increasing the value of the group.

Lietuvos Energija CEO and Chairman of the Board dr. Dalius Misiūnas states that the start of EnePRO activity is one more purposeful step towards the main strategic goal – to increase the value of the group and its performance efficiency.
“We are in the process of strengthening and improving the efficiency of our energy engineering service companies, their competencies and technology potential. I believe that with this step we will also raise the bar of qualitative company activity. EnePRO has a goal to expand the range of services and to focus on the complete solutions that would match energy infrastructure needs of the client companies”, says Misiūnas.

From 1st January 2016, Energetikos Paslaugų ir Rangos Organizacija (EnePRO) is led by CEO Martynas Pargaliauskas who has previously managed the Lithuanian office of Indra Sistemas S.A. technology and innovation company, and has accumulated a significant leadership experience in Fima and other companies.

“Looking to the near-term prospects of the energy market, I see great opportunities to turn EnePRO into a pronounced leader in its field by exploiting the best experience of the merged companies, and by increasing the work efficiency“, states Pargaliauskas.
Changes in activity

Electrical Engineering Solutions. The most noticeable and significant changes will be seen in the field of electrical engineering works. Joined KER and ETP employee experience and competences will broaden the new company‘s possibilities to provide a full range of services: 0,4-10–110 kV electrical grid, as well as 110–440 kV power lines design, maintenance, reconstruction, repair, new construction and other activities.

The successful experience in installation and modernization projects of electric substations and switchyards will be exploited and rapidly developed in the future. EnePRO will possess new competencies and increased opportunities to perform larger-scale works, hereby becoming one of the largest this activity organizations in the Baltic States.

Design. EnePRO brings together a strong design team with specialists of great experience and wide specialization from both merged companies who are able to fulfill both electric power and thermal energy units design and design management. This will ensure even greater efficiency of projects.

Thermal Energy Solutions and Mechanical Works. EnePRO Thermal energy department which in the recent years implemented complex engineering projects in the largest energy and chemical industry enterprises, will pursue even higher goals not only by expanding the scope of projects but also by more actively venturing into foreign markets. The ambitions are justified by successful completion of the recent projects in Lithuania and the Baltic States, as well as stronger project management and works execution teams.

Steel Products. Our steel stacks production is famous not only in Lithuania but in other European countries as well. The new stage in the company history will mark a rapid development of other steel products for the energy industry. Using over 70 years of experience in boiler repair, we intend to expand the production of boiler elements. Besides boiler repair works, we will provide heating elements for different capacity and structure boilers throughout Europe.

Biomass. The creation of EnePRO will also indicate a sally in the biomass preparation field, which recently demonstrated the highest growth of all activities. Even though this activity was started only a few years ago, we have a goal to become one of the largest biomass suppliers in Lithuania.

Legal information

On 26th October 2015, Ltd “Kauno energetikos remontas“ legal shareholder Lietuvos Energija, UAB took the decision to reorganize these legal entities by merging them:

1. Ltd “Kauno energetikos remontas“ (legal entity code: 135617795, headquarters address: Chemijos str. 27B, Kaunas, Lithuania; register which collects and stores data about the legal entity is Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania, register manager is the State Enterprise Centre of Registers),

2. Ltd “ELEKTROS TINKLO PASLAUGOS“ (legal entity code: 300072351, headquarters address: Motorų str. 2, Vilnius, Lithuania; register which collects and stores data about the legal entity is Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania, register manager is the State Enterprise Centre of Registers), by establishing Ltd “Energetikos paslaugų ir rangos organizacija“.

On 9th November 2015, Ltd “Energetikos paslaugų ir rangos organizacija“, legal entity code: 304132956, registered office address: Motorų str. 2, Vilnius, Vilnius municipality, Lithuania, was registered.

On the basis of the confirmed reorganization conditions, Ltd “Energetikos paslaugų ir rangos organizacija“ took over all properties, rights and obligations of the merged Ltd “Kauno energetikos remontas“ and Ltd “ELEKTROS TINKLO PASLAUGOS“ starting from 1st January 2016.