Other Products and Services

Our long-lived operation in the development of industrial and energy facilities has provided us with the experience and knowledge related to the manufacture of complex industrial constructions and equipment. Besides traditional production of steel chimneys, EnePRO also manufactures air and flue gas filter housings, silencers, pressurized and flue gas exhaust ducts, etc. This reflects our readiness to assist our customer not only with stack deliveries but also with entire hardware for their flue gas treatment systems.

Upon customer‘s request, we provide the following metal processing services:

  • Steel sheet cutting service with high precision CNC plasma/gas cutting machine:
    • machine cuts X, K, Y, V-form edges;
    • cutting table dimensions – 3000 x 14000 mm;
    • cut sheet thickness – 1.5 mm to 300 mm;
    • cuts carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, etc.
  • Steel plate rolling services. Key figures:
    • maximum width of rolled sheets – 3000 mm;
    • maximum thickness of rolled sheets (rolling sheets of 3000 mm in width) – 40 mm;
    • possibility to roll the sheets of up to 100 mm thick (depending on the sheet width and rolled diameter).
  • Cleaning of steel sheet, molds, blanks with streaming-abrasive treatment equipment (cleanliness class up to Sa 21/2).