Steel Stacks


EnePRO is an internationally experienced and acknowledged specialist in production of various sized and different purpose steel stacks. 

We design and produce stacks according to individual customer needs and requirements, as well as deliver them according to customer provided drawings.

The most common structure of our manufactured stacks is the following: single-walled or double-walled with external static steel shell with one, two, three, or four isolated liners, as well as with external or internal access platforms and access ways.

At customer’s request, we prepare a set of necessary electrical equipment, lighting and lightning system, other components, also we carry out installation works or supervision.

Depending on customer requirements, potential impact of external environment, gas composition and temperature, we select and propose various stainless steel and carbon steel types to be used for the manufacturing of flue liners and other components.

Over the last ten years we have produced stacks suitable for plants using fosil fuel, biomass, oil and gas, also for combined cycle power plants, diesel power plants, industrial ventilation


EnePRO operates a state-of-the-art steel workshop in Kaunas with a covered area of 8 500 sq. m.
In production of stacks we use CNC equipment for plate cutting and rolling, as well as for automatic cylindrical welding.

Technical specifications:

  • chimney diameter – up to 4.5 m;
  • weight of one chimney unit – up to 50 tons;
  • chimney/liner wall thickness – up to 40 mm.