Thermal Energy Solutions

In today's world, energy factor has become increasingly important to your business success. We know how difficult it is to make responsible decisions if you plan to modernize or build new thermal power generation and transmission facilities. Trusting EnePRO years of experience in implementing thermal energy projects, as well as modern approach to the project management function, you can significantly reduce the risk of decision-making because we will find the most effective solution for your business. EnePRO thermal energy solutions is an efficient project development and implementation, as well as results optimization. Our project managers have certificates of technical supervision manager for performance of special works, part of projects and special construction, and construction managers – construction and construction technical supervision manager’s qualification. When performing general contracting projects, we carry out a detailed analysis of the client’s needs, organize the designing works, show thought for the permits necessary for performance of works. After completing the works related to the construction and installation of technological systems and their preparation for operation, we carry out the guarantee maintenance of the facility.


  • Organization and management of technical and work projects;
  • Selection of design company;
  • Scheduling of design and construction works and their control;
  • Control of technical and work project quality and content;
  • Assurance of compliance of technical project with technical specifications (design task);
  • Execution of efficient and cost-effective decisions;
  • Systematization and storage of design documentation, assurance and management of dissemination;
  • Control of estimate (analysis and/or assessment);
  • Search and selection of equipment suppliers;
  • Search and selection of subcontracting organizations;
  • Assurance of communication between equipment suppliers and designers;
  • Problem-solving and management;
  • Execution of equipment procurement procedures;
  • Management and control of project budget;
  • Project implementation and quality control;
  • Management and analysis of potential risks.